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How it works.


We drop-ship blankets directly to your school.



We lead your students through a 30-minute Kindness Workshop.



Your school delivers the Blankets of Hope to a local homeless shelter.

What Teachers Are Saying

Ms. Balladares
Middle School Teacher
Miami, FL
"Blankets of Hope created an opportunity for my students to learn first-hand about kindness and helping the community. I would recommend this amazing experience to all educators!"
Mrs. Parente
Fourth Grade Teacher
Brooklyn, NY
“If you are an educator looking for a fun and simple program that will teach your students the importance of giving back, I would highly recommend that you get your students involved with Blankets of Hope!”
Mrs. May
Fifth Grade Teacher
Marion, OH
“Blankets of Hope was the perfect service-learning project to show our elementary students that you’re never too young to volunteer or help someone in need. It was a moving experience we will not soon forget!”
Mrs. Apels
Kindergarten Teacher
Alberta, Canada
"I am so thankful to have had an opportunity to partner with Blankets of Hope! It gave me and my students the opportunity to have meaningful conversations about empathy, compassion, and kindness, and then put it into action"

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