Founders Story.

In 2016, brothers Mike and Nick Fiorito quit their 9-5 jobs in search of more meaningful work. Unsure where to start, the first 6 months weren’t easy for the brothers. They went from one idea to the next, failing miserably. But on one cold and sleepless night in November, everything changed.

It was 2 A.M. and Nick couldn’t sleep. While tossing and turning, the image of a homeless man he used to see on his daily commute wouldn’t leave the screen of his mind. While working, Nick would often tell himself he was going to help this man – but he never did. That night, a gentle voice whispered to him and said, “If not now, when?”

Nick finally listened to the call. He crawled out of bed, opened his laptop and wrote a GoFundme campaign to raise money to give blankets to the homeless of NYC.  Needless to say, he slept like a baby that night.

After some thoughtful consideration, Mike decided to join the cause the very next day. They called their new family project, Blankets of Hope. They went on to hand out 100 blankets and handwritten notes that Winter – each including a simple message: WE BELIEVE IN YOU!

Little did the brothers know, this small act of kindness would be their saving grace.  A video they made about Blankets of Hope caught the attention of top Forbes Venture Capitalist, Todd Chaffee. After being moved by the video, Chaffee offered the brothers mentorship and financial support, advising them to go “all-in” on Blankets of Hope.

Fast forward 3 years, and what started as a small family project has truly taken on a life of its own! Rather than aiming to hand out 100 blankets, this winter, with the help of students across the country, their goal is to deliver a whopping 20,000 Blankets of Hope!

Mike and Nick say if they’ve learned anything from their entrepreneurial journey, it’s that the secret to living is giving. That’s why their mission with Blankets of Hope is to inspire a global movement of kindness!

Blankets of Hope Founders, Mike and Nick Fiorito